Help your people Thrive

Thrive Talent is a free talent development community where your organization can pick from hundreds of courses and utilize our custom learning experience platform for your team members to collaborate and grow together and with others. Yep, we said free.

How can we help you Thrive?

It’s not a secret. Organizational growth takes time, money, and a lot of preparation. But even when everything seems set up to meet our goals, there’s no guarantee that what we’ve planned for will work.

Thrive is here to change that.

20+ years experience developing custom learning

Thrive was developed after the experience gained from twenty years of building custom training and talent development programs for Fortune 1000 companies was combined with an industry leading talent development software in order to deliver a turnkey package perfect for small to medium sized companies.

Cutting edge, facilitated programs, eLearning solutions and workshops

With Thrive, you’ll have access to cutting edge, all digital facilitated programs, eLearning solutions that drive performance and compliance in a variety of fields, and an LMS that will allow you to track results in real time – and that’s just the beginning.

Connect with Others

Through our discussion boards, users from all companies can connect, chat, and learn together through sharing common experiences! Not sure how to deal with a work related issue? Have an exciting breakthrough that you would like to share with others? You are able to connect with peers in real time across the entire Thrive community.

Track Results

Sit back and watch as your employees learn. Log in and view your team’s progress to ensure your group members are meeting progress expectations. In addition employees can monitor their own progress, and we have badging and leader boards to see how they stack up against their peers.

eLearning Programs

Thrive eLearning programs deliver high quality content in bite sized pieces in an intuitive digital platform, designed to facilitate learning and allow your organization to know when employees need additional training. Click here to learn more about our extensive eLearning library.

Facilitated Programs

Thrive experts facilitate 100% digital cohort-based learning solutions for participants across all industries, suitable for any organization. These programs cover a variety of critical topics and offer a significant value for a minimal investment.

Facilitated Workshops

Thrive experts facilitate 100% digital cohort-based learning solutions for participants across all industries, suitable for any organization. These programs cover a variety of critical topics and offer a significant value for a minimal investment.

”As a small company with only 75 employees we just didn’t have the ability to provide the quality and variety of training our employees were asking for.  Subscribing to Thrive has been a gamechanger for our employees and frankly has become a selling point when hiring new talent.”

”I had an employee who really needed development in some critical areas. I simply logged into the Thrive portal, found their schedule of virtually facilitated workshops, and enrolled them. The feedback from my employee was astonishing. They found the sessions informative and actionable. We have seen drastic improvement in their performance since then. Thrive is our go-to for helping our employees improve their performance.”

”My company is growing fast and we were struggling to quickly get new leaders in place and set them up for success. Thrive’s Fundamentals of Leading people program gives our new leaders the tools they need and provides me with feedback on their strengths and opportunities for improvement. An incredible program that we could have never built and delivered ourselves.”

”As a manufacturing company we needed to implement a better health and safety program to hit our goals. Thrive’s EH&S program doesn’t just give us the topics and content we need, it gives us reporting tools and makes annual recertification simple.”

”I am the only HR person in our small company and between hiring, payroll, benefits, etc. it doesn’t leave me enough time to grow the skills and knowledge of my team. Thrive provides me with the technology, content, live facilitated programs and workshops I need to provide without having to pull them together and deliver them myself. It is like having an internal training department for the cost of a monthly subscription.”

”I am the only sales person in my small company and that can make it difficult to get the coaching and mentorship I need to grow revenue. Thrive’s Selling Essentials program not only helped me implement territory and account planning, but it also gave me a peer group of other sales professionals in other businesses and industries to share ideas with and learn from.”

”When my HR leader told me that they had purchased Thrive to give me the professional development opportunities I had been requesting I was a bit skeptical. When I first logged in I was shocked that I could enroll in programs and workshops as part of the subscription. The sessions are amazing and I was able to network with people from other organizations while participating.”